Monday, 3 July 2017

By the waterside

If you read last weeks blog you will know that a number of us are trying to persuade the wider world, and Government in particular, why they should engage with the volunteer movement to fully restore the country's lost canals. I would be very interested in your opinion and especially what you think makes our inland waterways special.
Wherever you are water is always a great attraction. We have just spent a long weekend on the Isle of Wight staying with friends on a houseboat - so relaxing and a great way to unwind. 
Bembridge I.o.W.

I am also certain about one thing that will resonate with politicians and that is the amount of volunteering activity canal restoration produces. Each month I report the hours logged by the Wilts & Berks team and there is on average at least 2000 hours reported which if turned into monetary value would contribute £30K-£40k - probably well over £0.5m each year.

Some of my time last week was spent going through the pages on the Canal Partnership web site and updating where necessary. Again I would be interested to hear about anything that I have missed, or that needs correcting.
If you live in the Grove/Wantage area you will know  just how much housing development is taking place at the moment. We intend to play some 'catch-up' shortly with the canal and I am submitting this week some information to the local Planning Authority so that the WB Canal Trust can get some 'pre-application' advice about the section of canal that will be built in the Stockham Farm area.

Ken Oliver


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